6 tips on making it in the fashion industry

6 tips on making it in the fashion industry

6 tips on making it in the fashion industry

Posted 12 February 2014, 18:10 AEDT

Want a career in the rag trade?  Then heed this advice from those cutting cloth and blogging their way to success in one of the world's most competitive fashion markets - Kuala Lumpur.

Courtney Dober host of Australia Network's Fashion Asia tours this multicultural metropolis and gathers some words of wisdom from those who have made it.

1. Ignore the doubters
Ignore the doubters
Source: Australia Network
When trying to make your mark in any creative industry there will always be doubters who question your direction.

High-end fashion designer Bernard Chandran works on garments for Middle Eastern royalty, but even his family had initial doubts about his career choice.

“I’m from an Indian-Chinese family so they are very fixed with fashion designing [being a] kind of a girls job [and said] don’t even think about it.

“But if you want what you want - you’ve got to get it yourself,” he says.
2. Blitz employers
Right place at the right time
Source: Australia Network
Getting your first break in the creative world can mean opening the door to a lifelong career.
Andrea Wong says after gaining a Media and Communications degree in Australia she blitzed employers with an extensive curriculum vitae campaign.
“When I came back home to KL I started sending my resumes to everyone and anyone that would even listen to me.
“I was very lucky to get my first job ever with a local magazine Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia,” she says.
And  is showing no signs of slowing down, landing her ideal role as Editor-in-Chief with new Malaysian publication - Elle Magazine.
3. Let inspiration be your guide
Find inspiration
Source: Australia Network
Drawing on inspiration to fuel your creative career can be a big motivator when times get tough.  
Designer is able to find strength from a relative's passion for tradtional fashion.
“I knew what I wanted to be when I was really young because I got inspired by my grandmother.
“In those times the ladies used to wear kebaya...[my grandmother] made her own clothes and her own embroidery so I got inspired lots by her," he says.
4. Love what you do
Make it your lifestyle rather than your job
Source: Australia Network
When you work in a creative industry, is it really work?
While it may be your passion, it can also mean times when you're up all night designing a concept.
Khoon Hooi once spent 48 hours embroidering a garment.
“Fashion is not work, fashion for me is my lifestyle, it’s in my blood I think,” he says.
5. Dare to dream
Dare to dream
Source: Australia Network
Don't limit yourself when thinking about future - anything is possible.
As Kuala Lumpur designer Justin Yap demonstrates, lifelong dreams can often lead to reality.
“When I was twelve I was flipping through these glossy magazines, and as I was flipping through I was thinking maybe one day I’ll want to become a fashion designer – and that’s how it all started," he says.
6. Don’t wait for permission to get started
Don’t wait for permission to get started
Source: Australia Network
In today’s digital environment you no longer need to be writing for a major media company to get noticed.

Fashion commentator and blogger has been in the game for ten years and started while she was studying.

“I’ve been blogging for a really long time, I started off blogging about things I was going to do in college and exams.

“Then it slowly progressed to different jobs, as I got more money I wrote about my travels, people I met, different relationships and different experiences,” she says.
For more tips about all things fashion, keep an eye out for Fashion Asia on Australia Network, and visit the website here.